Welcome to Leyada


The Hebrew University High School, commonly known as "Leyada", is a semi private high school in Jerusalem, located next to the Givat Ram Hebrew University campus (The Safra Campus).

 Leyada was founded in 1935 by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem as "Beit-Hakerem High School". The vision of the founders was to establish an educational laboratory, a leading institution ready to try new ideas. Today the school is a unique model of integration for gifted and talented children from Jerusalem and its suburbs. It also accepts students with special needs and from underprivileged background. Its mission is to inspire and prepare every student to achieve personal and academic excellence as an engaged Israeli citizen, by providing a challenging, innovative program, within a compassionate environment. Its highly qualified and supportive faculty delivers an exciting and diverse program to over 1000 students.

Leyada is considered one of Israel's most prestigious high schools. Among its famous graduates are the fifth President of the State of Israel, two Nobel Prize Laureates (in Physics and Economics) a dozen Israel Prize Laureates, the Governor of The Bank of Israel, the former President of the Supreme Court and many other notable alumni, who excelled in various fields of Sciences and Humanities.

Dr. Gilead Amir is the current principal of the six year program, himself a Leyada 1970 graduate. He joined faculty in 1977 as a math teacher, and took the top position in 2003. Mr. Erez Hacker has been appointed coordinator of the Junior High and Mrs. Rina Gampel, coordinator of the Senior High.

The school has a five day week (Sunday through Thursday), keeping facilities open on Fridays for special classes and self-study projects. In addition to the 40 classrooms, facilities include lecture halls, fully equipped physics, chemistry and biology labs, a state of the art library, an art center, a chamber music auditorium, a 600-seat theatre, and a modern and professional sports center.